Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Journey to Work

My Journey to Work
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Wo wo wo...

I haven't updated the blog in quite some time which is bad, I'm blaming facebook...

LOADS has happened since last time I wrote in here.

I've moved house which was probably the biggest thing - I have my own place now in Rose Bay, its class I love it!

Its about a 10 min walk to Bondi Beach from my place and its also pretty handy for getting into work...

This picture shows the journey I take to work everyday... I walk about 10 mins from my house down to the ferry wharf at Rose Bay, then I catch the ferry direct from there to Circular Quay which takes another 10 mins or so... After that its less than a 5 min walk to my office on George Street...

Going past the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge on the ferry everyday is awesome! It loooks really cool when its getting dark on the way home - you get a great view of the Sydney skyline too.

Catching the ferry rocks man! I love it!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Drew, Avril and Keith

Drew, Avril and Keith
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I've seen some more famous people in Sydney in recent weeks...

First off I saw Drew Kirk from Neighbours (aka Dan Paris) at Bondi Beach. He was up at North Bondi near the rocks taking photos... I was there with my parents showing them around and he was right next to us. My parents didn't recognise him but I did - the man was in Neighbours which automatically makes him a LEGEND!

Thinking about it now I should have got his autograph for my mate Garside, he is the biggest Neighbours fan EVER and used to arrange his whole day around wathcing it when we were at Uni together...! Sorry G-Side - next time I see a cast member I will get an autograph for you - I promise!

Okay next I saw Keith Urban in Martin Place when I was on my way to work. They film a morning television show called Sunrise (bit like GMTV) in a studio right near there and they sometimes have their music guests playing at Martin Place. I walked right past him and then stopped and turned around when loads of people started going mental for him! I have to admit, I didn't even know who it was until someone said "Ahh yeah mate, that's Nicole Kidman's husband"... He didn't look like he was straight out of rehab...

Anyway moving on, yesterday I saw Avril Lavigne! That was pretty cool she was in Martin Place too signing autographs.

She is tiny, like REALLY REALLY small! She's pretty famous though - so it was cool to see her...

Will keep my eyes peeled for more famous people!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

In Australia til 2011 (if I want to that is...)


I've known this for about 5 weeks or so now but I just haven't written about it yet...

My employer sponsorship application (457 visa) went through successfully last month which basically means that I can stay in Australia for...

the next 4 years...!!!

Get in!

I am real happy about that...

Its the first step to getting permanent residency (if I decide I want to do that) and it just gives me that bit of security.

Without this visa I would have had to return to the UK in October and there is no way that I want to come back so soon so its all good.

It usually takes a few months for the application to go through but I was REAL lucky as mine went through in one and a half weeks!

My company are pretty good for stuff like that.

So yeah real happy about it... This is the first step to me becoming an Aussie!

I'm an Uncle!

My sister had a baby girl on Wednesday this week!

Little Charlotte arrived at around 5.30pm UK time and both mother and baby are really well...!

I'm sooooooooooooooooooo pleased its AWESOME!!!

I sent some stuff for the baby back with my parents and they are heading up to Manchester this weekend to see Claire and Charlotte so they will get it all then...

It was Anzac Day here on Wednesday (public holiday) and I was out in the pub with all my friends playing two up (an Aussie thing!) when my Dad texted me to say Claire had gone into labour... Everyone was real excited, I was too but was just hoping Claire was ok really...

Then early Thursday morning (Aus time) my Dad texted me to say Charlotte had arrived and everything was ok...

I dont think he expected me to be up, it was real early but I was up watching Chelsea v Liverpool in Champions League! So I called him straight away, it was cool!

My sister got out of hospital yesterday so her and Charlotte are back home now. All good!

It feels cool being an Uncle! I like it already...!

It also feels a bit weird not being at home for this too.

Like I said before, its pretty hard living on the other side of the world sometimes...

Mum and Dad Head Home

Mum and Dad at The Opera House
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So we did some more stuff around Sydney, like heading out to Watson's Bay and to Doyles, had the Easter weekend and also went for a few drinks around the Rocks and in all the Irish bars there which was class!

But then it was soon time for Mum and Dad to head back to the UK (well with a stop off in Bangkok for them but leave Australia anyway).

It had been sooooooooooooo good having my parents here and I had just got used to seeing them all the time (like when I am at home) and then they had to go...

It was pretty sad and a few tears were shed as it will probably be a long time until we see each other again now...

Its pretty hard living on the other side of the world sometimes...

Opera House Tour

Opera House Tour 2
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We did loads more stuff when my parents were here, one day we went on a tour of the Opera House that was really cool...

We got to go in all the different theatres, the small part where they show dramas, the part where they do the operas and then the mian area where they do the concerts - it was really good and our guide was pretty cool too...

There is a really interesting story behind how the opera house was built and how the orginal architect fell out with the politicians involved in the project. Well after this dispute the architect, who was Danish, left Australia and has never been back. So he's never seen the opera house wit his own eyes! Madness!

Anyway he is back involved in some renovations they are making to the structure inside so its a happy ending. Was pretty interesting, highly recommended for any visitor to Sydney.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Northern Beaches Cont...

Messing Around on Curl Curl Beach
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Soon it was time to start heading back south to Sydney...

However there were more beaches to stop off at and check out on the way back...

First we took in Avalon - it was awesome there...!

We went up onto the cliffs and watched all of the surfers riding the MASSIVE waves. We watched them for ages it was so cool...

Then we drove back further south and checked out Curl Curl beach which we had missed on the way up.

Curl Curl was wicked too! We had a little walk around there and just messed around taking funny photos with the self timer! I was balancing the camera on my flip flop that takes some doing!

Then we headed back to Bondi - went under the Harbour this time through the tunnel!

It was a wicked day and my parents had a great time...

One thing I learnt from the trips over these 2 days were just how many nice beaches there are within easy driving distance of Sydney.

The beaches are Bondi, Coogee, Tamarama, Bronte, Maroubra, Dee Why, Manly, Curl Curl, Collaroy, Narrabean, Palm Beach and Avalon - thats loads! There are a few more too like Freshwater and Balmoral - I haven't even been to those yet - I'll have to check them out...

Northern Beaches

PT @ Palm Beach
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The next day we jumped back in the car and headed north over the Harbour Bridge to check out all of Sydney's Northern Beaches...

We went to Dee Why first which was wicked! We had some brekkie there and watched all the lifeguards practising their life saving drills in their speed boats. It was cool watching them speeding out and flying over the big waves...

After that we drove further north to Collaroy and Narrabean beaches which were also really nice - bit quieter there though...

Then we drove on further to Palm Beach.

Palm Beach is where Home and Away is filmed and it is also one of the most exclusive places in Sydney.

Nicole Kidman and Keiith Urban (saw him the other day!) have a place there as do Bec Cartwright and Leighton Hewitt...

I can see why all the rich and famous people flock there it is really really nice... I'll have a place there one day no doubt! = )

We had dinner there at a retaurant on the jetty overlooking the small harbour at Palm Beach which was cool. A seaplane took off for Sydney when we were there too which was good to see!

There were lots of bluebottle jellyfish on the beach here though so I decided not to go for a swim - they dont show you that on Home and Away do they...!?!

Southern Beaches

Botany Bay
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We hired a car one day and went to check out all of Sydney's southern beaches...

First off we went to Coogee and had a good look around there (showed my parents where we play footy at the Oval!), went on the beaches, had some food and went on a walk around the cliffs.

We also walked round to Gordon's Bay from there which was cool.

After Coogee we jumped in the car and went to Maroubra.

It was the first time I had been there too and it was awesome! Maroubra is the home of the surf gang the Bra Boys and there were a few of them knocking about...

The waves were MASSIVE too! the biggest I have seen so far in Australia... I got in and did a bit of body surfing which was good.

After Maroubra we jumped back in the car and went down to Botany By and La Perouse.

There was a wicked sunset at Botany Bay and we jumped out of the car to watch the sun disappear over the horizon - that was ace!

I love sunsets... So that was a quality day

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cruising About

Cruising About
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Oh we also went to the Botanical Gardens one afternoon - I forgot that bit!

We also went on a bit of a cruise around the Harbour over to Darling Harbour and stuff it was good.

And then my parents came out to Bondi - YEAH! Bondi is AWESOME!

They thought so too - bit lairy for them at some points but awesome just the same.

Taraonga Zoo

Big Simba
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So after the Bridge Climb I was on full on tour guide duites with my parents!

We went out to Manly for a day which was class! We spent some time on the beach there, had a look around the shops and then went for a meal and a few drinks in the Manly Wharf Hotel - such a brilliant place, my parents loved it!

The next day we went to the Zoo - check out this massive Lion! Was a big boy! He was quality! He started giving out death stares to this old lady next to me which made me laugh! She was scared! I would have been too! Then he started to roar at her really loud, that was pretty scary too - I liked it...

Climbing the Harbour Bridge

Climbing the Harbour Bridge!
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I haven't updated the blog in a while as LOADS has been going on and I've been MEGA busy!

I flew back from Adelaide after spending the weekend with my parents and just got stuck back into work... Mum and Dad, in the meantime, were having a great time travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road and seeing all the sights.

They arrived in Sydney the following Friday and we had a great night out down at Circular Quay (they were very impressed with the view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House).

The next day was my Dad's birthday - YEEEAH!

I had been planning this for a while so we had loads of things to do!

We went down to the Rocks and checked all that area out before heading to the main event... Climbing the Harbour Bridge!

It had been a cracking day, really sunny and up to 30 degrees at one point (phew!) but as we were doing our training and getting our fetching jump suits on - it started to chuck it down! Oh no!

There was also an electrical storm! So they kept us waiting for about an hour until we could get on to the bridge - at one point we were not sure if they would let us go at all (I guess the last place you want to be in an electrical storm is on top of a really high steel bridge!) but eventually they sent us up! Wicked!

It was really cool up on the bridge and it had stopped raining by then but was a bit windy… The crazy weather just added to the adventure though and we had a great time! Our guide Dave was a LEGNED! He was really cool and was making me laugh! The view was amazing, especially at night, and it is an experience I would recommend that every visitor to Sydney does… IT WAS AWESOME!

My Dad loved it too so it was a wicked thing to do on his birthday.

After that we got changed out of our jump suits and went to Café Sydney which is one of the swankiest restaurants in Sydney.

We had a great meal in there sitting out on the terrace with a spectacular view of the harbour. It was cool. A massive cruise ship pulled out of Circular Quay whilst we were there too so that was good to see, bit of a manoeuvre for the driver as the ship was even bigger than the Opera House!

So a wicked day, a great birthday for my Dad and climbing the bridge was AWESOME!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Stevie!

Happy Birthday Stevie!
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Stevie is 27 today - what a LEGEND Stevie P is!

We have been best mates now for almost 20 years. He's totally cool, such a funny lad and a top mate.

We have been through a lot together, growing up in Wensum Valley Close, riding our bikes, buying football stickers, playing headers and volleys (Wensum Valley Close rules are the best rules ever!), living at Manor House Road in Newcastle, travelling Australia and Thailand together, many many GOOD times.

So good in fact that I now have a T-Shirt deidcated to Stevie! Its awesome! Check it out Stevie!

I bought it in Adelaide the other day... Its by some Aussie designer guy called Stevie (obviously!). Its got scratch and sniff on the bit where it says Stevie on the arm (smells of strawberries!). Proper 80s style!

I love the fact it says Stevie on it - its class!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rodney Fox Shark Museum

See! I Told You They Get This Big!
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Oh yeah!

The Rodney Fox Shark Museum at Glenelg ROCKED!!!

I loved it!

I am fascinated by sharks and just stumbled across the Rodney Fox Museum when I was kicking about in Glenelg killing some time before I headed back to Sydney. What a find!

It was full of shark stuff like great white shark teeth, jaws, newspaper clippings about shark attacks and loads of photos and stuff about sharks being caught.

There was also a video telling the story of Rodney Fox's life - what a LEGEND this man is!

He got attacked by a great white shark whilst competing in a spear fishing competition off the South Australian coast back in the 60's.

The shark got him pretty bad and he had some horrific injuries and they didn’t think he was going to make it. However, Rodney pulled through against the odds, what a HERO!

Rodney Fox then dedicated the rest of his life to shark conservation. He has produced many shark documentaries, been heavily involved in scientific research about sharks and also contributed to the classic film Jaws.

He also runs cage diving trips with great white sharks from Port Lincoln in South Australia.

When I’ve got a spare $2000 I’m going! DEFO!

Adam and Woodsy are going to come too (not sure if they realise this yet but they are).

Rodney Fox – WHAT A GEEZER!